Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Summerville, SC

Keep Your Floors Shining

Hardwood floors, like any surface in your home, need regular cleaning to keep clean and in good shape. Periodic cleanings keep your hardwood floors shining and protected. Sometimes though, our floors need a little extra strength cleaning to keep them looking great.

Depending on how much household traffic in your home, it is suggested that your hardwood floors be cleaned 1-4 times a year. Entryways, where dirt and sand is tracked in, is especially susceptible to wear and tear from traffic. Things like rugs can help prevent this, but if that dirt gets underneath the rug then those areas still can be worn down. With all the options of Hardwood Floor Cleaning services out there, let Heaven’s Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning be the ones to clean your floors.

Protect your investment

Hardwood floors and a beautiful addition to any home. They can be expensive though. Preserve that investment by having your floors deeply cleaned by professionals. Heaven’s Best cleaning technicians are trained to deeply clean your floors, leaving you satisfied with our work.

Our Hardwood Floor Cleaning Process

Our first step to cleaning your floors is to thoroughly vacuum the surface, including any cracks and corners where dirt and debris tend to gather. This step is essential to make sure your floors are free of dirt and dust before we apply our cleaner.

Next, we apply our eco-friendly cleaner to your floors. This will break up any grime or spills that have built up on your floor.

After the eco-friendly cleaner is applied to your hardwood floors, we use our special equipment to thoroughly clean your floor, leaving them shining.

Our cleaner will condition and protect all types of hardwood and laminate floors. This will leave your floors shining for longer and protected from future spills and damage

Why Heaven's Best is the Perfect Choice

✔ Technicians are specially trained & experienced.

✔ Hardwood Floors will Last Longer.

✔ Quick Drying.

✔ We apply a protectant finish.

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